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Dr.Cuis team won "Printed Electronics Award"
      At the recent Printed Electronics Europe conference, Dr. Zheng Cui, Chairman of Nanogrid Technology Co.,Ltd, also Director of Printable Electronics Research Centre (PERC) at Suzhou Institute of Nanotech and Nanobioncs (SINANO), won the 2014 ¡°Printed Electronics Award¡±.

      Printed Electronics Europe is one of the three major conferences organized annually by IDTechEX, a market research company specializing on printed, organic and flexible electronics. The other two conferences are Printed Electronics Asia and Printed Electronics USA. The conferences are the gathering of technology experts each year to review the major new technology developments, particularly relevant to industry and market, in the areas of printed, organic and flexible electronics, and to make prediction on the technology development trends for the next 10 years. The reports issued by IDTechEx every year have been widely recognized as the most authoritive publications on industry and market trends for printed, organic and flexible electronics.

      In order to give proper recognition to the outstanding achievements taking place each year, Printed Electronics Europe, with the help of an expert panel, sets up 5 categories of awards: the Academic R&D Award, the Best Technical Development Materials Award, the Best Technical Development Manufacturing Award, the Best Product Development Award and the Best Commercialization Award. This year at the Printed Electronics Europe, SINANO researchers won the Best Technical Development Manufacturing Award, recognizing their breakthrough innovation in printed nanomaterial process for manufacturing transparent conductive films. This is the first time that researchers from China have won the Printed Electronics Award. It manifests that the progress of printed electronics R&D in China has drawn international attention. The particular significance of this ¡°Manufacturing Award¡± demonstrates the fact that Chinese researchers are not only good at scientific publications but also excel in turning research into industrial technology to benefit the industry. It shows China is truly making the transition from ¡°Made in China¡± to ¡°Created in China¡±. 

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